“Unitrans LS” – a direct agent of all national and foreign airlines that carry out flights to/from Ukraine . An extensive partner network around the world provides us with a unique opportunity to develop the shortest and most convenient route and offer the best tariff for cargo delivery.

  • international air cargo transportations;
  • freight forwarding (import, export of goods);
  • transportation of goods by air or a combination of modes of transport;
  • Cargo transit through the airport Boryspil and Dnepropetrovsk;
  • work schemes ” airport- airport ” or ” door to door “;
  • transportation of goods by road under customs control to / from Borispol Airport and other airports;
  • customs clearance of any goods.


Our company also provides services for customs clearance of import, export , transit of goods , customs clearance of exhibition goods and issue of ATA Carnet:
  • customs clearance of export, import and transit cargo (Kiev, airport “Boryspil”);
  • registration of companies in customs offices of Ukraine;
  • customs clearance of the exhibition goods and cargo bound for concerts, conferences, etc.;
  • registration of temporary import goods;
  • customs clearance under Carnet ATA;
  • preliminary calculation of rates and charges;
  • assistance in customs clearance, foreign trade, preparation of economic contracts;
  • definition of the product code on the UKT VED;
  • registration required permits and certification of the goods;
  • temporary storage of cargo on customs-license warehouses;



Our company is able to provide you with the necessary number of railway wagons, as well as to provide a comprehensive freight forwarding service of railway transportation. The advantages of our company – a modern and timeliness, flexibility and quality of services in the field of rail transport:

  • we work with all European railways, Asia and the CIS countries;
  • previous tariff quotation of traffic;
  • optimization of your routes;
  • guaranteed availability of wagons – operate its own and leased fleet of rolling stock;
  • the opportunity to make payment of railway tariffs, duties, wagons lease costs in other countries;
  • full handling procedure for wagons;
  • dislocation of the wagons.



Our warehouse is located on the Kyiv’s right bank, in the Kiev region, 10 km from Kyiv on the Zhitomir highway, at p. Mila . It has convenient access roads, the area for maneuvering, protected by a landscaped area, day and night surveillance.

Company employees – qualified specialists who have experience in working with various groups of goods from the piece (clothing , spare parts, accessories ) to small-scale wholesale and wholesale lots of goods ( packing materials, construction materials, alcoholic beverages, drinks).

  • Unloading of the vehicle at the warehouse;
  • inspection of the packaging;
  • sorting packaging/goods shelf life, date of production, etc;
  • handling of packaging/goods;
  • responsible storage of goods in pallets, square meters;
  • relection and order picking;
  • packing;
  • local delivery of goods;
  • other operations at the request of customers.



In the field of maritime transport, our company specializes in container and LCL container traffic . Large volumes of goods of various kinds, on a regular basis from the most distant corners of the planet – it’s possible thanks to the service of container transportation. In addition, it is the protection of your cargo during loading and unloading operations in the transit ports, monitoring of the movement of goods in transit , and limited access to the protected load.

LCL service from Unitrans LS. Very popular in recent years, the cargo delivery service that is in high demand due to its cheapness, regularity and economic congruity even for small goods. And yet, it is possible to reduce your expenses even if your shipment occupies a large part of the container . We will find you the goods passing, and due to the consolidation will help you to reduce transportation costs.


Cargo insurance is an effective tool for financial protection for clients and guarantee the implementation of our commitments to counterparties in all circumstances.

Why should we insure cargoes:

  • to provide compensation for the following risks: natural disaster, accident, explosion, fire, ice action, seawater;
  • accident during loading, unloading, stowage of cargo etc.;